For Immediate Release:
March 9, 2018
Contact: Natalie Pineiro
INK Creative Strategies

Hillside Tax Collector Reminds Residents about 2017 Senior Freeze Program

The Tax Collectors Office of the Township of Hillside would like to remind residents that the State of New Jersey’s Division of Taxation is now accepting applications for the “2017 Senior Freeze,” a program that reimburses qualified senior citizens and disabled residents for property tax increases to their homes.
“This program offers a lifeline to many of our senior residents living on a fixed income,” said Dahlia O. Vertreese, Township Mayor. “We encourage all of those who qualify to take advantage of this resource.”
Now in its 20th year, the program qualifies residents based on income, age, and residency. Once qualified, residents must continue to meet the requirements and reapply each year to receive the reimbursement.
2017 eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • You were 65 or older on December 31, 2016, or, if under age 65 you were receiving Social Security disability payments on December 31, 2016, and also on December 31, 2017; and
  • You have lived in New Jersey continuously since December 31, 2006, or earlier as either a homeowner or a renter; and
  • You have owned and lived in your home or have leased a site in a mobile home park for a manufactured or mobile home that you own since December 31, 2013, or earlier; and
  • You paid all 2016 property taxes by June 1, 2017, and all 2017 property taxes by June 1, 2018; and
  • Your annual income did not exceed $87,007* in 2016 and $87,268 in 2017.* NOTE: With few exceptions, all income must be taken into account, including Social Security, pension, etc.

There are two versions of the Senior Freeze application- a form for first time applicants and a personalized version for residents who received a 2016 reimbursement check, or would have received one were it not for budgetary restrictions.
The applications have sections to be completed by the homeowner as well as sections to be completed by the Tax Collector’s office. Applications are available online at or at the Township of Hillside Tax Collectors office, located at 1409 Liberty Avenue, Hillside, NJ.

The Deadline for filing applications is October 31,2018. For additional information contact the Township of Hillside at 973-926-3002 or visit them online at