The Office of the Township Clerk covers a wide range of responsibilities to assure the orderly functioning of Hillside’s municipal government. This is because of its unique position whereby the Township Clerk’s Office functions as a vital nerve center of Municipal affairs. Social, civic, legislative, judicial, and many other matters are channeled through this busy Municipal hub.

The Township Clerk is responsible for many statutory functions, such as attending all meetings of the governing body and recording the minutes, executing contracts, ordinances and resolutions, maintaining all the official records of the Township, Secretary to the Municipal corporation; maintaining the official Seal of the Township; issuer of various licenses and election official for the Township.

Deputy Township Clerk
Lorraine Messiah
Tel: (973) 681-7155 Ext. 500
Fax: (973) 926-9232

Clerk’s Assistant
Ashley Wyatt
Legislative Research Officer
Alicia Bautista