Office of the Township Attorney

The Township Attorney serves as Corporate Counsel for the Township and heads the Department of Law. Functions of the Township Attorney include:   

  • Serving as legal advisor to the Township, Mayor, members of Council, Township Clerk, Business Administrator, Township Engineer, and administrative directors and department heads.
  • Preparing and advising as to form and sufficiency of ordinances and Council resolutions. 
  • Preparing, reviewing and approving, prior to the publication or the execution thereof by or on behalf of the Township, contracts, deeds, requests for proposals and requests for qualifications, information for bids, and other documents and instruments.
  • Conducting appeals from orders, decisions or judgments affecting any interest of the Township.
  • Instituting, prosecuting, defending or settling any actions, suits, litigation or proceedings, in which the Township is or shall become involved, subject to the approval of Mayor and Council.
  • Rendering opinions, in writing or orally, as requested, upon any question of law or procedure submitted to the Township Attorney by Council, the Mayor, the Township Clerk, the Business Administrator, the Township Engineer, or by administrative directors or department heads.
  • Selecting duly authorized special counsel with demonstrated qualifications by training and experience to institute, prosecute, defend or handle, and supervising and monitoring all such actions, suits, litigation, proceedings and matters as are necessary, advisable or appropriate for special counsel to handle on behalf of the Township.
  • Maintaining a record of all actions, suits, litigation, proceedings and matters which relate to the Township's interests and reporting same to the Mayor and Council.

Contact Info

Gracia Montilus, Esq.                                 
Township Attorney
(848) 666-0811

Katherine Altenor
Attorney Secretary
(973) 926-3002 ext. 328

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