Office of the Business Administrator

The Township of Hillside operates under the Mayor-Council Plan of the Faulkner Act. This particular plan is a "strong mayor" form of government. It is a "presidential" system of government, modeled after the federal and state governments. The Mayor serves as the chief executive, and the Council as the municipal legislature. Under this form of government, the Business Administrator is responsible for the day to day operations of the Township. Duties of the Business Administrator include:  

  • Supervising and coordinating the administration of all departments, divisions and offices of the Township government.
  • Prescribing and enforcing rules for efficient management and operation of the Township government.
  • Planning and directing the work of the Department of Administration and Finance. The Department of Administration and Finance includes the following functions:
    • The collection of taxes. 
    • The assessment of taxes. 
    • Public health services and vital statistics. 
    • Central services including budget, purchasing and personnel. 
    • Code Enforcement which includes the enforcement of the Uniform Construction Code and property maintenance code. 
  • Directing the preparation and administration of the annual operating and capital budgets and maintaining a continuing review and analysis of budget operations work programs and costs.
  • Reporting to the Mayor and Council on administration of the government, including notable efficiencies, economies and savings.

Contact Info

Hope M. Smith, MPA, QPA                    Business Administrator                                    848-666-0744
(973) 926-3002

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